I want to revitalize my blogging-efforts and thought about moving everything to because it offers you a huge reachability / big community. On the other hand you give everything in the hands of their platform. I read some blog-post about moving to medium and coming back to a personal blog - I decided to not hurry moving everything to medium and stick to my personal small page here, because I write these posts mainly for myself - straight according the KISS-principle.

Nevertheless there have been some changes:

  • I made all the latest updates to my ghost installation
  • Switched to HTTPS via let's encrypt - they give you free (trustworthy) certificates valid for 90 days. I configured a cronjob to renew the certs every month.
  • Changed the theme to the most minimalistic one i found that attracted me - "arabica" on github. I just extended it by adding Prism.js for Syntax-highlighting.

I already started with this post to write my articles in english to make them easy accessible for a more international audience.
Future posts I will most likely spread on some platforms like Linked-In and Twitter where I have some english speaking followers.